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In the words of Mr. HR Holtz

Born in 1905 in Germany, Ernst Rudolf Holtz was advised to go to the then South West Africa in 1925, for year to recuperate from a lung ailment. There he met his future wife Lea and stayed to subsequently he founded the clothing & accessories clothing in 1935 still in full swing till this day.

His son Heino took over the business in 1981, after extensive cooperation, then extended the existing main shop by a further 4 branches. All in operation and  able to supply anything the direction of Casual & safari wear you could imagine & to be rediscovered on the new webpage done by the new generation, son Ernst and business associate Janko.

Goodluck Gentlemen!

Safariland Holtz has been in operation in Namibia since 1934.

Safariland Holtz - Heritage.

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